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Payroll Services

Sathra is committed to providing a cost-effective, secure and compliant outsourcing service that meets your business requirements. Regardless of your company size and complexity, sathra offers a fully managed end-to-end payroll solution, fully customised to individual business needs. Your employees will be paid correctly, on time, every time.

From timesheets to the preparation of pay slips and payment of salaries and superannuation, payroll is a time consuming activity. Payroll inefficiency and errors may affect many aspects of your business from employee morale to financial stability. Our Single Touch Payroll software can support your organisation or we’ll provide a fully managed payroll outsourcing service.

Our payroll services not only reduce your costs but also provide you with access to efficient systems and technology to streamline your payroll, saving time and freeing resources to concentrate on your core business. Our internal process systems allow for the complexities of payroll from managing leave entitlements to superannuation and tax reporting and payments, assuring your business is compliant with all aspects of your payroll.

Streamline your payroll, with our easy and powerful online payroll software for faster, easier, more accurate payments, reporting and projections. Outsource your payroll to Sathra. We take the stress away from employee pay .