Rapid development for various industry



  • Our presence in education industry can be easily ascertained by looking at our portfolio that explains best about the work we have done for different institutes, colleges and academic and training establishments. Today the schools and colleges operate in a dynamic environment and they need everything to be in place whether pertaining to internal official framework or external communication which entails different departments like accounting, timetable management, transportation management, scholar register, fees and attendance, monitoring, hostel administration, human resource and payroll, online examination and evaluation etc.

    We have built significant education portals and application software to help our education sector clients do great job while maintaining their internal system, holding communication with aspiring candidates, managing and controlling their updates using CMS, Online test series, Performance management system, handling correspondences, meeting different operational and other department specific needs.


  • As an extra initiative in helping our customers evolve with the growing trends and competition in the market, We recognizing the need to develop solutions which can be of benefit for the hotel customers and hence the Occupancy rates. We have successfully built solutions for different hospitality segments like hotels and resorts, restaurants, spas, travel and touring etc. using our cutting-edge technology and resourceful development framework.

    Our clients are assured to get a comprehensive solution for their bespoke needs and a tighter turn-around-time and a flexible response mechanism that stands viable and highly prolific for their business. Online Management System, Booking Engine, Photo & video gallery, CMS, Payment gateway, API & Social integration, Help Desk, Online Reservation system are some of the modules that we have provided to our beneficiaries in Hospitality industry.


  • Inventory provides great deal on customer’s relationships management. It is mainly for the work order and bills of materials. Here we had also provided a third party API connection for the better use. Inventory management often allows for automation of many inventory related tasks. For example software can automatically collect data, conduct calculations and create records.

    SATHRA service on inventory management will helps to work on the basis of the user’s needs and requirements. Inventory applications on different fields can be created.


  • Logistics and Transportation have undergone noticeable transformations in the last few years. From gripping fleet solutions to sophisticated CMS installers, the industry has changed everything that substantiates it with term of compliance with the prolific schema of information technology.

    Operational excellence achieved through CRM, Event & Exception Management, Network & Fleet Optimization, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, Shipment Security and high-end process integration attained through effective IT enablement makes it a great operational entity.

    We have extensively crafted comprehensive solutions for Logistics and transportation business set-ups which have helped the businesses grow phenomenally in their area of operations and attain great operational boost in different departments.


    • We will improve your online reputation under any industry.
    • Online reputation has an important role in any business.
    • Our resource involve directly in to your IT sector.
    • We ensure a visible progress within 1 month.
    • Everyday our resources check your online reputation.
    • IT sector and track individually and work accordingly.


  • SATHRA provides wide support to develop social networking projects for commercial and non-commercial requirements for clients. SATHRA helps in planning, designing, marketing. Usage of social networking has more advantage over normal work.

    For example if we talk about real estate case, here social network plays a boosting role. SATHRA also ensures a new thoughts and ideas of social network. SATHRA service is user friendly. As we know social network is the media where easily communications takes place fast according to the needs and requirements. SATHRA services will give an identity and you can custom it depending on how your groups know you. This makes it easy for individuals to attract your business


  • SATHRA services provide sports management in an IT way. It is user friendly by which requirements and needs on the basis of sports management can be updated. We are helping sports companies, clubs, individuals for improving their business growth through web systems and mobile app’s. Sports management handles all team needs. It manages players accounts, volunteers scheduling etc.

    We offers promise in the new delivery methods for providing sports and entertainment “products” to market consumers. In Sports management software there is more time and money available to keep the fans and coming back for more. It not only makes collaborative budgeting possible, they also make it faster and provide for on-going monitoring of performance and updating the forecasts as market conditions change


  • The telecom sector is growing enormously in its scope of applications and in the spectrum of services it offers. Telecommunication has not just grown in its potential to serve but also drastically raised its communication interface and its functional properties in these years.

    To help telecom grow further in its enduring presence IT industry has been playing a significant role. Keeping that trend on, we have procured best of the functional entities and efficient concepts to help them automate their processes and find a potential match to their communication technology needs.

    Our profound software programs, API integrated applications and system interfaces for web and other platforms have nurtured the concepts on which the sector operates, most advantageously.