Strategic business initiatives with SATHRA

Payroll Administration

Whatever the level of your business, whether you’re a national or international operation, Sathra can streamline your payroll process and take away the burden of any logistical payment issues with the software we provide.

Managing payroll can be a difficult task and financial expense for businesses. At Sathra, we ensure a fixed cost per payslip with a responsive system that recognises the specific requirements of each pay cycle. You won’t pay a cent more than you should on payroll. Our software platform can be customised to meet your needs, and you can avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming activities. Sathra’s payroll system hold scalable technology to manage your payroll process. Unlike other payroll administrators that require the leader to handle new-hire onboarding, HR Trace manages your entire payroll end-to-end. Our process ensures you can stop worrying regarding payroll and targeting on growing your business.

Our Payroll software is feature rich and will meet all of your payroll processing needs. It brings together your data from all modules to process your payroll efficiently and accurately every time. Sathra’s payroll administration automates the administrative functions that can frequently take you and your associates away from more important tasks .

Our payroll administration services are part of complete human capital management system that we customize to your organization’s specific needs. We make sure you can run payroll with more easier, easily access the data you need to make important business decisions, and much more. Eliminate your burdensome administrative processes and enhance your employees’ engagement with Sathra.