Strategic business initiatives with SATHRA

Leave management

The absence and leave management software Offered by Sathra simplifies leave administration and tracking for employees and managers . For employees, the process of requesting leave and approving becomes a simple workflow that can be completed in seconds. You can instantly receive confirmation that their manager has been approved. This software helps in avoiding paper forms and empowers employees to submit requests for leave at any point in time, for maximum convenience and efficiency.

This software provides an effortless way to submit ,approve and manage employee leaves. By using this software employees can highlight the days they want off, then receive request approvals or rejections through the same platform. In HR Trace all employees have their own personal calendar from which they can view a summary of their annual leave.

Software Solution supported by Sathra includes any type of absence, allowing users to manage annual, sickness, paid, unpaid, and compassionate leave. All the informations related to employee leaves and attendance is accessible at the click of a button, the entire leave management process becomes transparent and faster. Enables business to capture attendance of employees in real time from any place. Leave management software avoids human errors. By providing an efficient software sathra helps to automate your employee leave management system and improve your workforce productivity.